Asset Management

Our leadership is geared to providing you the resources you need to achieve the success you’re looking for.  

Our specialists and trained support staff have the acumen and expertise to give you concise property market insights and professional advice. By focusing on your ambitions we lead by example.

It’s a process that includes: 

1.         Attracting qualified lessees both short and long term

2.         Negotiating lease terms and conditions favourable to the lessor

3.         Undertake full reference checks and lease guarantees

4.         Arrange preparation of lease documentation and execution

5.         Preparation of comprehensive condition reports including photos

6.         Advise on lessee retention strategies - minimum vacancy factor

7.         Arrears minimisation action by regular proactive direct contact with lessee by phone, e-mail or SMS messages

8.         On-going maintenance and repairs - access to a pool of reliable licensed and tradespeople

9.         Informative rent reviews - build capital growth into your investment

10.        Personalised rent statements by mail or e-mail

11.        Electronic banking - speedy access to your funds

12.        Fully itemised annual income and expenditure summary

13.        Payment of Council rates, water, strata levies, land tax, repairs and maintenance on the landlord’s  behalf

14.        Exercise lessor’s right to vary or terminate leases by Service of Notices

15.        Collection of all recoverable outgoings

16.        Database marketing

17.        Access to five web portals – all national leaders in retail, commercial and industrial property